Another Another

by Kurt Swinghammer

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brilliantfish simply one of the most original, luscious records i've heard in decades. stunning! Favorite track: Another Another Green World.
Paul Vo
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Paul Vo Glorious, unique, creative, bravo x 10 - the whole album is. Not sure the favorite track yet. Favorite track: Another Another Green World.


released May 12, 2017


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Kurt Swinghammer Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Dear Old Soul
Dear Old Soul by Kurt Swinghammer

She walked outside to putter all day
Cookie cutter sun made a silhouette of shade
An upside down twin of grey
A single echo of a dear old soul

Her garden was a symphony of photosynthesis
The flowers were switched on in psychedelic bliss
Her Siamese companion picked a bouquet
Of day glow roses for a dear old soul

Once she cast her shadow
On the things she cared about
Once she lost her shadow
the world was without

In the backyard we gathered round
Spread the ashes as the rain came down
Mother go to mother earth go back to the ground
In the springtime rise like a rose
Rise like a rose
Rise like a rose
For dear old souls
Track Name: She Needed More Loops
She Needed More Loops by Kurt Swinghammer

What would a handwriting expert say
About the way
She signed her name
Perfectly in every way
And every time
Exactly the same

What would this analysis reveal
Otherwise concealed
By appearances
What do we see with graphology
Her personality
Expresses less*

She needed more loops
She needed more loops in her life
Track Name: Art Thief
Art Thief by Kurt Swinghammer

Art thief art thief
Steal me a Georgia O’Keef
SO I can study it in solitude
In a suburban subdivision
Alone in my monster home

Art thief art thief
Grab me a masterpiece
A luscious floral you can crawl inside
She painted life so rich & fertile
In bone dry New Mexico

Before the masses
Start looting the masters
I’ll learn from her work
Track Name: Jack Layton and Grace Appleton
Jack Layton And Grace Appleton
By Kurt Swinghammer

Mansbridge had tears in his eyes
When he told the country the news
Jack Layton had died
And a little part of me died too

The part that had faith
A politician could be on my side
A leader I could believe in
Who stood for what was right

But Mansbridge didn’t know
Later on that very day
In a Fonthill nursing home
Grace Appleton passed away

Jack Layton and Grace Appleton
Jack Layton and Grace Appleton
Two names that never were mentioned
In the same breath

She wasn’t famous and she wasn’t rich
She lived and voted conservatively
But she was the president
Of the Niagara Falls Horticultural Society

They lit up the CN Tower
Bright orange of the NDP
And my Mom’s favorite flower
Her garden full of tiger lillies
Track Name: Another
Another by Kurt Swinghammer

Tell a pastel past
Let violet violins begin
Some awesome rose blossoms
In Sunday’s good porcelain

Mom’s Chrysanthemums
a Vase pronounced as vase
Sky of Robin’s egg blue
blue as the sky because

Another another another another

Stroll down Roncesvaile
Dance Palais Royale
The soldiers in his uniform
The Farmer’s in the dell
Louie Bellson’s in the band
The blossoms in High Park
The Robin’s in the egg blue
Blue As the sky grows dark

Another another another another
Track Name: Song About An Instrumental
Song About An Instrumental
By Kurt Swinghammer

Music for my Mother
Who only once ever told me
She liked the music I was playing
On the stereo
She asked “What do you call it”
I told her about the artist
And his concept of making music
For LaGuardia
And travellers waiting to depart

The British import of Music For Airports
Kept playing on

30 years later
In an tourist town chapel
I played that music
At the funeral for my dad
And my Mother didn’t cry
But she mentioned the unusual music
That didn’t sound happy
and didn’t sound sad
Another traveller waiting to depart

At 91 my Mother
Called out to her brother
Who had passed away nearly 20 years before
And as she lay there dying
The music played on

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