Empty Sky

from by Kurt Swinghammer



Empty Sky

I am an empty sky
You are a UFO
So high you fly
Then suddenly go
No one believes you were there
All they perceive is thin air
What can I do
When I'm a blue empty sky

So many stellar nights
Wonderful coloured lights
Came crashing down
You couldn't be found
Now I don't know for sure
Just who you really were
Why did you leave me
A cold and lonely empty sky

Where are the birds when you need them
Why do the seasons lead them away
When I long to hear their song
On a blue empty day

Rain clouds come on in
Darken the world again
I'd rather it pour
Now that you've gone away for good
No longer am I
A blue empty sky

© Kurt Swinghammer


from Augusta, released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Kurt Swinghammer Toronto, Ontario

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