Theory Of Relativity

from by Kurt Swinghammer



Theory Of Relativity

The leaves are relatively green
The sky is relatively blue
The water looks relatively clean
But that can't possibly be true
According to the Theory of Relativity
As explained to me in my dictionary

If two systems are in relative motion
With uniform linear velocity
It's impossible
By observation or measurement
Of phenomena in the other
To learn more about the motion
Than the fact that it is relative motion
And that measurement of the velocity of light
In either system
Regardless of the position of the source of light
Always gives the same numerical value
Always gives the same numerical value

I am just my mother's son
The sun is just another star
The stars are just gas and dust
And dust to dust is all we are
We're not in Kansas anymore
But when Dusty Springfield sings
The look of love....
I see the theory of relativity
As explained to me in my dictionary

© Kurt Swinghammer


from Augusta, released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Kurt Swinghammer Toronto, Ontario

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